Figure Skating Classes

Figure Skating Training Leading to the Professional Athlete

Spirit Ice Arena Figure Skating classes are great for everyone that has an interest in the sport of Figure Skating. We offer a comprehensive program to create a strong foundation for future and current Figure Skating professionals. These programs are for skaters that have completed Basic 6 and Pre-Freeskate in the Learn to Skate program.  These programs offer training in skills ranging from Free skate through Preliminary, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, to Senior.

In these classes, your figure skating instructors will teach skaters how to perform correctly and safely. These classes and private lessons complement each other, to serve as building block foundation for a skater's figure skating career.

Class Offerings Schedule

Class Tuesday Saturday
 Freeskate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
 6:55-7:25pm  9:45-10:15am
 Axel Class
 6:55-7:25pm  9:45-10:15am

Jump & Spin Low & High *



 Edge Power & Conditioning **


 Ice Dance
 Off-Ice Axel Class ***
 5:45-6:05pm  12:15-12:45pm
 Off-Ice Flexibility & Core Strength  6:10-6:40pm  
 Off-Ice Jump & Circuit Training    11:00-11:30am

* For skaters who have passed FS 6; Tuesday Class for Low and High; Saturday Class for High Only

** Tuesday Class for Skaters Basic 6/Adult 6 & Up

*** Open to all skaters enrolled in Freeskate Training classes

Class Benefits While Enrolled: Included in Enrollment Price

  • Learn & hone skills quickly from a knowlegeable and experienced coaching team
  • Configure package of group skating lessons to match your needs
  • Free admission and skate rental for the Public Session proceeding the Tuesday classes
  • Free admission and skate rental for the Public Session following the Saturday classes
  • Unlimited $7.00 Public skating sessions (a 50% SAVINGS!)
  • Bring a friend for any Public skating for half price admission
  • Skater Reward Card - Skate 7 Paid Public sessions and get one free!
  • Makeup Privilages (within 4 week session) for 1 missed class
  • 10% re-enrollment discount for consecutive re-enrollments
  • Discounted entry fees for Skating Exhibitions


Class Protocol

  • On-ice and Off-ice classes are 30 minutes.
  • Schedule is subject to change.
  • Levels may be combined or cancelled
  • All classes and make–ups must be completed by the end of the four week session.
  • The lessons purchased do not carry over to future four week sessions.
  • Freestyle and Specialty classes are structured on a four week basis.
  • Freestyle and Specialty classes will offer a four week automatic re-enrollment program
  • A 10% re-enrollment discount is built into the four week re-enrollment program
  • We strongly encourage skaters to have their own figure skates.
  • Enrollment packages include On-Ice classes, Off-Ice classes, and Freestyle practice sessions, all of which are an important part of a Figure Skating Training Program.
  • Skaters in Free Skate 1-6 classes will remain in their level untill they have tested and passed


On-Ice Class Descriptions

Free Skate 1
Scratch spin, Forward edges, half flip, waltz jump from back crossovers, back outside 3 turns

Free Skate 2
Beginning back spin, Backward edges, Forward outside & inside spirals, waltz threes, waltz jump/ side toe hop/waltz jump, toe loop

Free Skate 3
Crossovers in a figure 8, waltz eight, swing rolls, back inside 3 turns, salchow, half lutz jump, waltz jump/toe loop combo, back spin

Free Skate 4
Spiral Sequence, Forward power 3 turns, backward progressive chasse sequence, sit spin, loop jump, waltz jump/loop combo

Free Skate 5
Backward outside 3 turns/Mohawk into back crossovers, spiral sequence, slide chasse/swing roll sequence, camel spin, change foot spin, loop/loop combo, flip jump, jump sequence

Free Skate 6
Back crossovers to landing positions, 5 step Mohawk sequence, camel/sit spin combo, split jump, lutz jump, waltz jump: 1/2 loop—salchow, axel walk through


Axcel Class
Focuses on additional Axel recommended curriculum. For skaters who have passed Free Skate 6.

Jump & Spin-Low
Continue to strenghtn jumps and spins learned in Free Skate 1-6. Axels, Laybacks, Back Sit, Back Camel,  Combination Spins, edgework and footwork

Jump & Spin-High
Advanced  Jump and Spin Combinations, Double Jumps, IJS spin Features, Advanced edgework and footwork For skaters able to land an axel

Ice Dance
Ice dance skills such as: edges, swing roles, progressives, chasses; Dance timing to music (Waltzes, tangos, foxtrots, blues); Preliminary--Pre-Bronze pattern dances

Offered at Levels: Ice Dance 1-6; Preliminary, Pre-Bronze

Edge Power & Conditioning
Edge power and conditioning classes are on Tuesdays and Saturdays for skaters in Basic 6/Adult6 and above.  This class teaches skaters how to increase speed and power while working on proper skating technique and endurance


Off-Ice Class Descriptions

Core Strengh & Flexibility Class
Focused on core strength conditioning as well as the flexibility necessary to safely perform higher-level skating skills

Jump & Flexibility Class
Off-ice jump technique is a necessity for all skaters wanting to speed up the learning curve on new jumps, and create good habits and consistency in their on-ice jumping skills


Suppliment your group classes with private coach lessons from one of our oustanding professionals.  Get ahead and hone skills!

For more information or questions call 979-693-3900 or email our figure skating director: Shannon Keeler.