Important Covid-19 Rules

SIA Freestyle COVID-19 Regulations 7/1/20

Spirit Ice Arena is pleased to be able to provide ice time for Freestyle Training Sessions.  In order to protect our staff, coaches, parents, and skaters we ask that everyone adhere to The Minimum Standard Health Protocols for Individuals as recommended by the by The Brazos County Health Department, The Texas State Governors Office, and CDC.  The protocols include self-screening, practicing social distancing, washing/disinfecting hands, and wearing face coverings/masks.  
During this unprecedented time, SIA’s price for a newly purchased Freestyle Sessions is $11 per 30-minute session.  Freestyle 30-minute sessions may have up to 25 total skaters and coaches.  All attending coaches will be included in the headcount. Visiting coaches must pay the guest coach fee per session and be ready to provide their coaching credentials. All freestyle sessions MUST be booked/reserved on-line.   

Freestyle COVID-19 Regulations until further notice

Skaters and coaches should arrive no more than ten minutes prior to, and stay no longer than ten minutes past, the schedule/reserved session
Parents must observe SIA facility regulations as much of the facility has been closed or is off limits
Skaters, coaches, and parents must practice social distancing, and hygienic practices on and off ice
Skaters and coaches must wear gloves.
Coaches are asked to coach from the boards or players benches while maintaining social distancing
Students are asked to warm up in the east-side parking lot
Parents are asked to remain outside the rink or in their vehicles, rather than cluster inside public lobby.
Locker rooms are closed, including the Coach's locker room. Skates and jackets need to be brought in and out daily)
Failure to comply with posted regulations and protocols puts other’s health at risk, and places Spirit Ice Arena’s ability to continue operation at risk.  Failure to adhere may lead to being asked to leave the facility.  Any of the information listed herein may change at any time with little or no notice.  

These rules, guidelines, policies, procedures, protocols may change at any time with little or no notice.